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Gas Analyzers Alert Clip Extreme ™ Single
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Specification of Gas Analyzers Alert Clip Extreme ™ Single

Gas Alert Clip Extreme is a single gas detector offers a real-time readout and extended longevity. Simply press the START / TES and GasAlertClip Extreme is ready to use, provide two or three years of continuous, maintenance-free operation from the day of activation.

Direct, Real-time readings on large LCD
-Do Not require calibration, sensor replacement, battery replacement or recharging batteries
-LCD Showing great confidence in the remaining life of the month, day and hour
Self-test - enabled user and every 20 minutes and the battery daily tests automatically every 2 hours
-Visual, Audible (95 dB) and an internal vibrating alarm
And Logging -Accurate easy with automatic event logging
-Rugged And durable with concussion-proof boot built-in
-Low And high alarm
-MicroDock II compatible KALIBR


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