3 m Half Facepiece Reusable 6200-Respirator Protection
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27 Apr 2021
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Specification of 3 m Half Facepiece Reusable 6200-Respirator Protection


  • Respiratory protection are compatible and comfortable
  • The concluding half face respirator can be used again


The concluding half face respirator reusable respiratory protection offers a reliable and comfortable and suitable for many situations, helps provide protection against particulates and various gases and steam, according to NIOSH.

3 m ™ Half peshut off the face of the Reusable Respirator 6200 Series offers the flexibility for many environments and applications helps to provide protection against particulates and various gas and steam when used with the cartridge and equipped filter.

  • Offers reliable, comfortable breathing protection when combined with 3 m ™ Particulate Filters or Cartridges (such as the organic vapor/acid gas cartridge) or double airline systems
  • Available in 3 sizes (small, download
puff, large) for comfortable fit many faces
  • For use with 3 m ™ Cartridge Series 6000; The 3 m ™ filter 2000, 2200, 7000 or 5000 Series; or 3 m ™ Double Airline System against various gases, vapors and particles of danger according to NIOSH
  • Head harness Assembly and spare parts available
  • Reclosable storage bag comes with
  • When properly installed and used with 3 m ™ Cartridge and Filter, help giverespiratory protection right of various gases, steam and harmful particles at concentrations up to 10 times the permissible Exposure Limit (PEL). Not to be used in an environment that is immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH).

    3 m self protective tools only intended for US use of the work in the workplace. This 3 m protective tools should be used in accordance with the occupational safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Self Protective Tools (APD) standard (29 CFR,132 1,665) and seMUA standard health and safety applicable to other users, as well as all instructions, warnings and limitations which accompanies each product. It is very important that all instructions product users and Government regulations about the use of each product must be followed in order for a product to help protect the wearer. Self protective tool abuse can result in injury, illness, or death. For the selection of the right product and usage, the individual should consult them on temPat safety or health industry professionals.


    Brand3 m
    Connection TypeBayonet
    Facepiece TypeThe Half Facepiece Reusable
    MarketMaritime, Homeland Security, Def
    ensePrimary MaterialThermoplastic Elastomers (TPE)Product SeriesThe half Facepiece 6000 SeriesPurposeThe Half Facepiece RespiratorsRecommended ApplicationAssembly and Mechanical, Chemical Clean-up, Chemical Handling, Chipping, Chiseling, Cleaning, Furnace Operations, Grinding, Lab

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